When Grandma came to stay

Charity project to educate children about dementia. Online audio book and printed editions, 10,000 copies distributed to schools, libraries, dementia clinics, hospitals, care homes etc throughout the U.K.

WHEN GRANDMA CAME TO STAY for Alzheimer’s Research UK, 2015, illustrated by David William Nunn. ISBN 978-0-9935280-1-9.

Grandma is coming to stay with us. Mum says Grandma is ill and has something called dementia. She doesn’t look sick, but she is starting to forget important things so needs u to help take care of her.
This touching story explores the experiences of a young child who has a family member living with dementia. Over time she has to deal with unusual situations and difficult feelings but learns how special even the smallest of gestures can be.

‘A brilliant idea. [These books] will help children understand things that can be upsetting and confusing.’ – Edith Bowman, Irish Daily Mail

Click here to listen to Edith Bowman read When Grandma Came to Stay

Grandad's Hat

GRANDAD’S HAT for Alzheimer’s Research UK, 2015, illustrated by James M Threadgold. ISBN: 978-0-9935280-0-2.

Grandad can’t remember where he put his hat and needs help finding it. He is getting more and more forgetful these days and often leaves things in the wrong places. A charming story designed to help children learn about some of the symptoms of dementia in a positive and engaging way.

Click here to listen to TV and radio personality Edith Bowman read Grandad’s Hat


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