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Publication date: 5 July 2019. Imagination Press Ltd, 146pp, and lots of cute pictures! ISBN: 9780995110458 RRP $39.99

Available from PaperPlus, independent booksellers and online retailers.

It can’t fly; has nostrils at the end of its long beak; cat-like whiskers; the body temperature of a mammal; sharp claws and strong legs to defend itself; lays an egg six times larger than that of a chicken; is ground-dwelling; lives in a burrow; can swim; and is nocturnal. The kiwi is one of the avian world’s most unusual creatures. Most New Zealanders have never seen a kiwi in the wild. Yet, this endangered bird is a national icon, proudly displayed emblem and the nickname by which New Zealanders are known around the world.

The Kiwi: Endangered New Zealand Icon is about our historical fascination with this unique beloved bird and the extraordinary efforts being made to save it from extinction.

‘Matt Elliott has embarked on an exciting journey to inform his reader about this amazing bird… His chapter on the use of 1080 is perhaps one of the clearest, most reasoned pieces of writing on 1080 use that I have read… The Kiwi is the result of some extensive research, unearthing a wealth of little known information. [Elliott’s] love of history and skills as a researcher are evident in this book. The illustrations and layout of The Kiwi make this an ideal introduction to our special bird. Both visitors and locals will discover a treasure trove of information between the covers.’ – Kathy Watson, The Reader: the Booksellers NZ blog

‘Matt Elliott’s new book resembles the bird itself: idiosyncratic and engaging.’ – Christopher Moore, NZ Listener

‘A fabulous journey into the history of New Zealand’s iconic bird, anything you might want to know about kiwi and things kiwi will in all probability be covered within the covers of this new book…should be considered a ‘must have’ in every New Zealand library and home!’ – Good Teacher Magazine (Term 4 2019)

Interview with Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand


The Kiwi (2)


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