KIWI COLLECTORS: CURIOUS AND UNUSUAL KIWI HOBBIES. HarperCollins, 2013. 136pp, colour photos. ISBN: 9781775540007

An interesting collection is as much about the collector as it is the assembled possessions. I tracked down a variety of collectors from around the country and their garages, sheds, basements and even shade-houses were thrown open for me to see and photograpgh their treasures. While they are all serious collectors, they don’t take themselves too seriously!

‘Elliott’s collection of collectors is a treasury of New Zealand treasures, fantastically brought to life in an easy-to-read format complemented by glossy photographs of the collectors and some of their collections. Truly a New Zealand book about New Zealanders.’ – Wayne Parsons, Otago Daily Times

‘…[a] beautifully photographed book…The collections are as much about the collectors as they are the items and the author has told their story with a confortable balance of respect and interest, tempered with a touch of humour. Thank you to the many Kiwi collectors for allowing us a wee peek into your hobbies and for giving me something to add to my other collection: books.’ – Jillian Allison-Aitken, Southland Times

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