SPC history

ON THIS ROCK: 75 YEARS OF ST. PETER’S COLLEGE, MOUNTAIN ROAD. HB, 350pp. Price: $35. ISBN: 978-0-47333-154-2 St. Peter’s College, 2015.

In 1939, at the invitation of Bishop Liston, five Christian Brothers opened the doors of St. Peter’s College, Auckland, to 180 pupils. Eight decades later, the site that was once a wasteland boasts over 1300 pupils and 100 staff. While much of the infrastructure has changed, the values instilled by the Christian Brothers remain. On this rock.. is the story of a Catholic boys’ college, told by many voices from the school community across its first 75 years.

This history was commissioned by the college to mark their 75th Jubilee in 2014. It includes reminiscences from more than 150 old boys, Christian Brothers and lay staff members as well as a 10 page interview with Sam Hunt (arguably the most famous member of the school’s alumni).

‘On This Rock is a fitting tribute to the Christian Brothers’ dedication and the New Zealand Church’s historic commitment to Catholic education.’ – NZ Catholic (Read the full review here )

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